Sunday, July 25, 2021

Putting the HAD in the COW

 For a list of abbreviations see link in sidebar.

I added all relevant variations of the HAD in the COW:

  • All variations that make the Yugoslav attack not work
  • Gurgenidze against the Maroczy Bind
  • Alapin
  • Smith Morra gambit
  • Early deviations

So I have a month before the chess club reopens to learn the basics. I'm busy to do the same with the Sniper! Which is much more work.

Furthermore I started to reread My System for the third time, but now very thoroughly. The first two times convinced me of the fact that the book comprises a complete and consistent system indeed. All chapters are deeply related. I'm writing down all concepts that are revealed in chapter 1. It is a surprising amount!

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