Saturday, September 04, 2021

Sac, sac, mate

 Now we discovered the way to transfer by analogy, I look for ways to train it in an efficient way.

Munich pointed out, that you can have all your pieces fully activated in the center, you still have to wait for your opponent to make a mistake. I always like his very pragmatic approach to the game.

There seem to be two methods to apply to this hickup in the game.

  • The first is to apply the System of Nimzowitsch to get your center pawn mass in motion, by annihilating the blockade. I'm studying on that one.
  • The second method, is to transit from the center to the attack method of Vukovic. It has been a long time wish of me to work out the preconditions for attack of Vukovic and to couple it to the occupation of the center.

These two methods are geared around the two weaknesses in a game you are looking for, a weak pawn and a weak king. They are the natural targets of the chess game, because it are vulnerable sitting ducks.

Nimzowitsch attempts to provoke a pawn weakness and then tries to encircle it and annihilate it in order to get his pawn mass rolling. The result being a passed pawn, or a rook on the 7th, or to drive a wedge between the opponents army.

A king is vulnerable by default, but can be protected by a stable position. Vukovic focuses on the focal points around the king in order to get an attack going.

GM Simon Williams AKA Ginger GM is known for his aggressive attacking style of play. He has made a course at Chessable geared around The Art of Attack from Vukovic. In order to wet the appetite, he has made a free course to called Sac, sac, mate. This free course contains 35 attacks on the enemy king, based on the methods of Vukovic. It has the following chapters:

🕒 LESSON 1. Attacking the king in the center.
🕒 LESSON 2. Luring the king out.
🕒 LESSON 3. Brutal sacrifices to break open the defense.
🕒 LESSON 4. Lasker’s classic bishop sacrifices
🕒 LESSON 5. Using Harry the h-pawn to devastating effect.

I want to use the 35 attacks as base for training the transfer method by analogy. I suspect that attacks by sacs contain enough tactics to improve my tactical aptness.

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