Opening Repertoire completed

 I finally completed a study plan for my opening repertoire. I'm not sure how long it took to develop it. Probably about four years or so. But finally I plugged the most apparent gaps. This is my choice:


  • London (53)
  • Colle (83)


  • French (99)
  • Benoni (45)
  • QID (40)

Between brackets you find the amount of necessary variations (total 320) 

These were the criteria:

  • Consistent with the Art of Attack in Chess. In the sense that you have a decent chance for an attack.
  • When I screw up the attack a chance to convert to a good endgame
  • Not popular
  • Underestimated
  • Clear plans
  • Low on theoretical lines
  • Incomprehensible for lower rated players
  • Openings must complement each other
  • No overlap between openings
  • Sound
  • Playable for the rest of my life

It was a lot of work to make all the choices. Now it's time to actually learn them. 

In July and December I have a nine day chess tournament. I aim at to complete my preparation before the tournament in december. 320 variations in 220 dagen. Sounds doable.

Furthermore I will continue with the absorption of the 14 most frequent tactics.

Besides that, I will continue with the Art of Attack in Chess.

I will neglect endgame study for now, in order to keep the workload reasonable. I will consider entering a won endgame as a win, just to keep up the spirits.. Even if I screw it up. I will record the type of endgames though.

Sounds like a plan to me.


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